Golden Guys end spirit week with halftime performance

Sixteen seniors worked to bring winter spirit week to an exciting close during a halftime performance at the school’s Friday night basketball game.

Each year, the Golden Girls dance team chooses two senior boys to dance with each varsity golden girl in a performance choreographed by the team. The boys’ dance team is nicknamed the “Golden Guys.” This year, the Guys practiced for a few weeks and performed the dance at halftime of the varsity basketball game against Seckman on Friday, Feb. 5.

Each year has a theme. This year the theme was America. The dance included a medley of patriotic songs including “Born in the USA,” “American Woman,” and “Party in the USA,” during which the dancers performed moves like doing flips and lifting up their golden girls.

“The seniors came up with the idea of American. I think the theme fit all of their interests,” golden girl Kristine Pickens (12) said.

This year’s golden guys included the following seniors: Jake Stockmann, Matt Helldoerfer, Bailey Vuylsteke, Alfons Weigl, Jake Stegmann, Blake Gentry, Chad Elking, Corey Weber, Jeff Gerding, Raul Elguzebal, Chris Guardado, Brad Sovich, Ryan Merritt, Matt Miller, Jarad Wahl, and Jordan Bell.

“The best part was dancing and having fun with my partners Matt and Morgan,” golden guy Bailey Vuylsteke (12) said.

From the crowd’s reaction, everyone knew that this year’s Golden Guys Dance was a big hit.