The Taste of South County


The South County Chamber of Commerce held “The Taste of South County at OHS on April 2. This event is where vendors and restaurants of South County come and give samples of what their business has to offer.

Businesses like Oberweis, Culver’s, Sam’s Club, Papa Murphy’s, Mehlville Fire protection, Andres, Gionino’s, and many more business were at the tasting.

The event took place from 3-6 p.m.. Along with all the businesses at OHS, many students from all over the Mehlville School District, students of all ages, got to display their artwork. After a lot of hard work students’ artwork got the opportunity to be observed by all the people who went to the Taste of South County.

“Getting your artwork shown just validates everything you are doing and just makes all the effort of making art worthwhile,” Ben Schmiemeier (12) said.

Toward the end of the event awards were given to students after judges looked at their artwork. Two OHS students received an award. Phoebe Ackerman (12) and Mia Meyer (12) were the winners from OHS, both student received an award for third place. Ackerman created a portrait of herself, she won third place in for the two dimensional art category. She was extremely happy to receive an award. She states she wasn’t expecting to win but was thrilled she did. Meyer created a book carving of New York City and also received third place.

“I was really surprised I won. I was not even sure that I was going to come, but I’m glad that I came and I’m glad that I won.” said Meyer

Beautiful job to all the young artist that displayed their work that the Taste of South County.

Those who were involved with this event are listed:
Whitney Miller (12)
Ben Schiemeier (12)
Tempest Anthony (12)
Phoebe Ackerman (12) winner
Juanita Johnston (12)
Holly Nielsen (12)
Devin Gobble (12)
Dorian Pratt (12)
Elma Osmankic (12)
Abby Ludwig (12)
Sierra Hunter (12)
Dylan Casey (12)
Megan Cox (12)
Lydia Flieg (12)
Abbie Stanley (12)
Diamond Anderson (12)
Caitlin Standford (12)
Madeline Schroeder (11)
Kobe Dozier (11)
Orianna Caliman (11)
Tori Kohl (11)
Daelynn Bradley (10)
Kristina Schallon (11)
Megan Diel (9)
Coleton Gullet (9)
Adam Rezek (9)
Emma Tate (9)
Jenny Ngo (12)
Siera Paluczak (12)
Lily Jansberg (11)
Maddy Poertner (9)