English I social injustice projects


Mrs. Megan Peters assigned her Honors English I students a social injustice project on April 6.

“The idea of this project was to get the students together to see what kind of problems are outside of the U.S.,” Peters said. “They had to pick a social injustice and research the people involved, the victims, the perpetrators, and the bystanders. They also had to understand why it’s happening and what is being done to fix it.”

One project was about Syrian refugee children. It was done by Kaile Kalton (9), Katie Capkovic (9), Emily Copeland (9) and Lauren Carr (9). They talked about how the conflict in Syria, which has lasted six years, is making the country the largest producer of refugees, and how people can help.

Another group of students, consisting of Emma Tate (9), Katelyn Jackson (9), Zayn Abusharbain (9), Riley Cook (9), and Emma Hitt (9), presentated their project on the turmoil in Turkey. They discussed the violence, the international policies, and the immigrants and refugees. They also explained how these problems can be solved.

The next project was about human trafficking in China. The students who created this project were Ellie Crawford (9), Alison Stanford (9), Madison Lipinski (9), Laureen Caliman (9), and Mckenna Brawley (9). They discussed how China is on the tier two watch list (one of the worst levels) due to human trafficking in the country and the numerous consequences it causes. They ended by telling the class how human trafficking can be stopped.

Finally the last project was “Face the Facts, in North Korea” by Robert Blocker (9), Logan Nance (9), Gracie Burris (9), Mariah Covington (9), and Jimmy Drennan (9). This project was based on the problems with population, government, and poverty and isolationism in North Korea.

This project taught students that there are problems outside of the U.S. and that we are not powerless to stop them.