Dance for Charity makes way as the new Glow Dance


Katie Counts

Allison Carter (12) and Shayla Hrncic (12) stand with performers from Breakdown STL celebrating the success of the Dance for Charity.

The Glow Dance turned out to have a good outcome. Over 220 students attended that dance and $220 dollars were donated to BreakDown STL, an organization that encourages teenage students to make positive decisions.

Kelli Roberts, Student Council Sponsor said, “It looked like all the students that attended had a great time so we are hoping for another dance next year with an even bigger turnout to raise money for charity.”

Though there weren’t as many students at the dance than desired, many students still enjoyed themselves. Savannah Forrester (12), The Dance for Charity attendee said, “I enjoyed my time with friends and was able to let loose. Shayla Hrncic (12) and I would just dance out in the middle by ourselves and didn’t have a care in the world! I’m definitely glad the executives had the chance to get it back for my senior year.”

BreakDown STL was also very grateful for the donation. Performers from BreakDown STL repeatedly said that our school was so fun to be with.

Dancer from Breakdown STL Jaime Meier (12) said, “We are a nonprofit organization, so each and every donation is greatly appreciated.”

Student Council plans to host “The Dance for Charity” again next year. They hope next year they get a greater amount of students to attend and a larger amount of money for donations.