Lemonade Stand Project


Pouring lemonade, Victoria Ratcliff (12) and Matt Argent (12) help run their lemonade stand making $60 in profit.

Marketing Topics held their annual project, The Lemonade Stand, on Dec 1 and 2. This project is all about unit scale, the steps of sale, and to incorporate what the student shave learned throughout the school year and putting it into practice.

The students take a summary of their materials, get into groups (company), they decide what role each person plays and who brings what (lemonade, cups, pitcher, etc.), and they have to decide how to advertise, and pricing rates.

This year they groups were: Great Scott Lemonade ($0.75), Simply Sweet ($0.75), Big Mamas Lemonade ($0.75), Sweet Peas Lemonade ($1.00), Main Squeeze ($0.50), Litty Lemonade ($1.00), TopNotch Lemonade ($1.00), and Life’s Lemonade ($0.75).

The winners are based on who made the most quality, price, placement, promotion, profit after expenses, and overall impression.

The winners were Main Squeeze with Bernie Harkins (12), Clara Beutel (12), Taylor Hickey (12), Katie Heimos (12), and Amber Cannon (12), and Big Mama’s Lemonade with Rain Thomas (12), Reagan Roderique (12), Victoria Ratcliff (12), and Matt Argent (12).

“We did very well with advertising and that helped bring our customers to us.” Thomas said.

Overall many of the student did enjoy the project. Nick Proctor (12) believed it was a good experience. A few groups wished they had been more prepared for their stand.
Katie Elking (12) said, “You have to make sure you have enough supplies so you don’t run out of your products.”