New Laptops for Students

Changes continue to come to “Our House” for the 2013-2014 school year. A large number of Oakville students received laptops this year. All of the freshmen received laptops as well as a large number of sophomores and juniors. Many students enjoy having the laptops as well as some teachers.

The laptops distributed to students were Lenovo X130e thinkpad’s. The IT department had a problem at the beginning of the year with all the laptops and the network being able to support the load but the network is good and stable now. About 50 access points were added throughout the building during the summer so the schools internet could support the laptops.

Freshman Trey Doran finds that the laptops can be really slow. However, that is expected with all of the laptops and technology in the building being used throughout the day on one network.

Despite draw backs such as slow speed, students seem happy with doing work online, as opposed to by hand. “I like the concept of having a laptop and being able to do all my work on them,” said Trey.

Another upside to laptops is that they allow the school to see what students are doing during class time when they’re supposed to be working. They can see what the students view online and what programs they run on their computers. Students can do their work online and turn in all the assignments online as well. This can save a lot of paper and the money spent on paper. It also makes grading easier for teachers with the assignments being online.

Mrs Christy Mathews said “I like the laptops. I can do all my grading online and everything. I think they are worth it,” Said Mathews.