See You at the Pole

Every year, high schools across the nation gather around their flagpole and pray for their school. See You at the Pole, SYATP, is an annual event in the United States since 1990. This event always falls on the fourth Wednesday of September. OHS took part in this tradition Wednesday, Sept. 25 around the flag in front of the main building.

OHS had a small turnout with attendance over 12 participants. The Bible Study students made up the majority of the group. There was also a couple from Twin Rivers Church that came to guide the students in praying for their community and school.

At the pole two songs were sung and prayer among the gathering of students. Chris Harton(11), liked the songs and being able to connect with other students. “It was a good time [because] I got to see other people in the school that were fellow Christians…[we were] standing for Christ,” said Harton.

Marina Wright(11), was at the pole too. “I think it’s encouraging that there are other [Christians] at our school…that we [can] pray with,” said Wright. Being able to see Christians that attend OHS encouraged the students.

SYATP is an important tradition for many OHS students and they are hopeful that this event will continue.