Prom News Blast

Let the countdown begin! 25 days until prom! Have no fear, here are all the major details you need to know for prom. Oakville seniors voted and the Roaring 20’s will be a very classy themed prom. The 2014 prom will be held at the Americas Center on Saturday May 10th. Any prom ticket holder is welcome to arrive as early as 6 pm; but the ballroom doors will not be open until 6:30p.m.

Students can purchase their prom tickets in the main office; for $65 April 16th-29th. Your last chance to buy your prom ticket is on April 30th and the price will go up to $75 a ticket. You must have your current OHS ID at the time of your purchase.

Also, any senior planning on attending prom must have the PROM PLEDGE Form(located in the main office) signed by the time they wish to purchase tickets; as well as their prom dates form.

DON’T FORGET TO PAY ALL BOOK FEES, LUNCH FINES, AND LIBRARY FINES TO MRS. PONCIROLI before you’re allowed to purchase a prom ticket.