Leadership shows freshmen that words have teeth


Emily Dedic

A leadership mentor watches two freshman participate in the toothpaste activity.

The OHS Leadership classes used an unusual method to show the freshmen that once they put something on social media, it is hard to take back.

During the students’ ANP class on Sept. 9, the freshmen were split into groups and given a small tube of toothpaste, along with some toothpicks, in which they were told to squeeze all of the toothpaste out. After the toothpaste was squeezed out, students were told to try and put it back in the tube, which was much more difficult than squeezing it out.

This activity was proposed by the Catholic Family Services Counselor, Ms. Carrie Gallen, who gave Jennifer Gross, the OHS counselor, the idea to have leadership students do this activity with the OHS freshmen.

Gross said, “It’s a fun way to talk about a really serious topic since social media can really affect a lot of people for a long time.”

After the activity was finished, the leadership students asked their freshman how this activity could relate to real life. Most related it to social media, while others related it to real life.

Sarah Kiely (12), a leadership student, said, “I think it taught us a lesson about putting yourself out there, and showing what’s inside of you, not just the outside.”

Gross thought that toothpaste was a fun and safe way to teach a life lesson to the freshmen.