OHS moves to a hybrid schedule

Oakville High School will experience a small change in its schedule next year after having the same schedule for several years.

Instead of having the block schedule of four classes each A and B days, there now will be a C day added in. This C day is an example of a hybrid schedule, which is different from the block schedule. The C day will only be one day a week and will consist of all seven classes plus Academic Network Period (ANP); all the classes will be shortened down to around 45 to 50 minutes.

“Change is always scary and this change will not just affect the students, but it will also affect the teachers,” OHS Principal Jan Kellerman said. “We aren’t certain on what day the C day will be placed on, but our plan for this C day is to make it into a day for extra learning.”

A concern students face is if the C day will become a common test or quiz day. Some students even believe that the shortened class period will lead to unproductive class time.

“The problem with the new schedule is that I’m not used to having all my classes under one day,” Kris Wu (11) said. “The last time all my classes were under one day was when I was in middle school. I am worried that the C day will cause more homework since we don’t have as much time to work.”

However, there are students that view this new schedule as a happy medium for OHS. They presume that this new schedule will be more effective than the old block schedule.

“At first it did bother me (the new schedule), but now it doesn’t really bother me, because I see it as a learning experience,”Gretchen Addis (11) said. “I think I will be able to learn more by having all my classes on one day. Hopefully it will be more like a review day.”

Another thing many students are concerned about is how this new schedule will affect South Tech students.The school administration has planned to keep the South Tech students to still be leaving in the morning as usual on C days and are going to try their best to make sure the students are able to receive their education requirements.

“Right now we are trying to find a way where it will work with the (South Tech) students. Our number one priority is to make sure these students will be able to go to their morning classes, and then go to Tech,” Kellerman said. “ We are going to try our best to work out this schedule to make sure that it will work with the (South Tech) students.”

Overall, this will be a new experience for everyone, which will either be view as a positive or negative way.