NHS raises money by selling Yuda Bands

Oakville High School National Honor Society (NHS) hopes to raise money for a teenage boy name Miguel Angel Choy Camey who lives in Varituc, Guatemala by selling Yuda bands.

Yuda Bands are handmade leather bracelets with coconut shell beads from Guatemala. The word “Yuda” comes from the Spanish word “ayuda,” which means to help, aid, or assistance. The purpose for these bracelets is to raise enough money to help provide education for unprivileged youth who live in Guatemala because public school systems are not available in Guatemala.

Camey lives with his parents and five siblings. He works as a bricklayer to help raise enough money for his education, which is a price his family cannot afford, but with a high school diploma can increase his salary by 600 percent. His future goal in life is to become an accountant.

“I study on weekends and during weekdays; I work to earn money for my studies. I only want to be able to help my siblings one day,” Camey said.

As of April 6,NHS has sold 34 bracelets and has raised $234 dollars at the volleyball tournament on Saturday, April 1. There is still time to purchase one of these handmade Yuda Bands. During all lunch periods next week (April 10-14), the bracelets will be sold for seven dollars at the table in front of the tiger.

“The extra money would not only pull him out of poverty, but his family as well. Selling 175 Yuda bands would pay for one year of his high school schooling, and get him closer to economic security,” NHS chair member Sabreena Leach (11) said.