Academic Achievement Night


Jeff Kuchno

Jacob Paule (12) smiles at the camera with Principal Jan Kellerman

Honor roll OHS students were recognized for their achievements at Oakville in Gym A on May 4. The students that were recognized had a grade point average (GPA) between a 3.0 and 4.0 or above. Awards from departments, recognition and scholarships were also announced during Academic Achievement night.

Some of the department awards that was handed out were: Dominic Riggio (12) for Business, Veronica Mohesky (12) for English Language, Ashley Griffie (12) for FACs, Mattie Marlette (12) for Foreign Language, Shaun Lamar (12) for Math, Lauren Roberts (12), Veronica Jones (12), Abby Ludwig (12), and Emily Miller (12) for Performing Arts, Jeremy Counts (12) for Physical Education, Josh Whiteley (12) for Science, Kate Hoynacki (12) and Mallory Hunt (12) for Tech Ed, Whitney Miller (12) and Holly Nielsen (12) for Visual Arts, Hunter Roth (12) and Nicholas Davis (12) were given lab coats in honor of the Project Lead the Way classes, and Shaun Lamar (12) and Hiba Al-Ramahi (12) for Social Studies.

Also, some of the students were given awards for their success in the community. Jacob Paule (12) was awarded the United States Merchant Marine Academy award, Shayla Hrncic (12) was awarded the special Board of Education award, and Zachary Wells (9) was awarded the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. Few individuals were also granted the National Merit Scholarship.

Madison Ponciroli (12), Veronica Mohesky (12), Caitlin Stanford (12), Andrew Leise (12), Shannon Goersch (12), Rachel Brady (12), Connor Bartow (12), and Cole Eiler (12) all received scholarships through the school for their college of choice.

“Before that night I got a letter in the mail, so I knew beforehand that I got the scholarship,” Stanford said. “ I was really excited and it was really cool that my hard work will help me in my future.”