New entertainment incorporated in Spring Pep Assembly


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Winter Guard strikes beginning pose before performing in the Spring Pep Assembly On April 10.

Winter Guard and juggling. These two things may seem like they have nothing in common, but on Tuesday, April 10, they did.

Instead of the usual Cheerleading and Golden Girls performances, the spring pep assembly featured Winter Guard stepping up to showcase their award winning performance with flags, rifles, and visuals most OHS students have never seen before. The act was later followed by professional juggler Sean Petric (9).

“Watching the winter guard perform at the assembly on Tuesday was an eye-opening experience,” Kayla Jackson (10) said. “I would love to see the guard perform in an assembly again.”

Petric used the assembly as an opportunity to showcase his routine for the St. Louis Teen Talent Competition on April 28 at the Fox Theatre. He used props such as pins and hats to juggle. He also amazed the crowd by jump roping while balancing on an exercise ball. Petric’s performance was followed by a standing ovation from students and faculty.

Like the traditional spring pep assemblies, there were speeches from spring sports introducing varsity and senior players to the school as well as talking about how the season is going. There was also a sneak peak at the Mr.OHS contestants before the show Friday (April 13). The assembly gave them the opportunity to be introduced to the student body as well as engage in a “friendly” game of tug of war and throwing cotton balls at their partner’s face covered in shaving cream.

“The games were fun and incorporated the whole school to watch and cheer,” said Mr.OHS participant Duncan Hall (12). “They were really fun to participate in.”