Auditions held for unannounced spring play

Spring play auditions will be held this week in the Drama Center, although the show has not been announced yet. While the idea of auditions for a spring play in December might seem odd, it is not out of place.

“The show is early enough in March that if we wait to have auditions in January, we’ll only have a 6 week rehearsal span,” drama teacher Ms. Amy Learn said. “And if we have snow days or anything like that, rehearsal times become an issue.”

Early auditions is normal, but auditioning for a mysterious show is new. This year, the show will be announced after the auditions.

Without the show chosen beforehand, people interested in the play could feel more uncertain going into auditions than usual.

Adam Zapf (11) said, “I definitely feel a lot more nervous about auditions, but it also makes me excited to see what Learn and (Ms. Jann) Vennemann have in mind for this play.”

The fall play this year was a comedy, “Play On!” Since the drama department usually avoids presenting two comedies in a year, it is unlikely that the spring show will be a comedy. However, with the show being chosen after auditions, a comedy is possible.

“I’m hoping to have inspiration through the audition process to kind of see what direction we want to go and what interest and commitment we have,” Learn said. “Then I’m going to see what show exists in the world that fits our criteria.”

Interviews have already taken place for those interested in being a part of the program last week. The auditions will take place on Wednesday Dec. 12 and the show should be picked by Friday Dec. 14.

“This is going to be a new experience for newcomers as well as drama veterans,” Zapf said. “I feel like this is a step in the right direction for the growth of this program.”