Thank You, OHS Janitors

At OHS, appreciation is spread around to the teachers, the students, and the administration. Little appreciation seems to be spread around the janitors, and without them, the school would be a complete mess.

They work extremely hard to keep our school clean. They work during the school year as well as in the summer, who try and keep up with every single classroom and after school activity, and most people do not know their names. They work extra hard so they can keep our school clean, and it’s definitely not an easy job.

A friendly smile and some appreciation can go a long way to make someone’s day, and some student appreciation towards the janitors can be respectful to them. They try to keep OHS as clean as possible, picking up a student’s trash off the ground and keeping the floors clean when someone spills a drink. If we, as a student body, clean up our trash and be more cautious with the overall cleanliness of the school, it will be less work for the janitors who already have big responsibilities such as waxing the floor, erasing boards, and wiping off tables. If we all contributed to the overall cleanliness of “Our House”, we could keep OHS cleaner and put a little less responsibility on the janitor’s shoulders.

So thank you janitors, who are hidden in the shadows and work extremely hard to keep OHS clean. Without you, Oakville would be a disaster and not look as nice as it does today.