Gaines announced as Mehlville Superintendent


The Mehlville School Board voted 4-3 in favor of Chris Gaines, our new Superintendent.

16 applicants. Seven interviews. Three finalist. One decision. Dr. Chris Gaines has been chosen as the new Superintendent of the Mehlville School District.

The process started late last March, when Knost announced that he was leaving Mehlville to step up as the Superintendent at the Rockwood School District. Dr. Norm Ridder then stepped in as this year’s interim so the school board could slow down the process and take the time to find the best candidate.

“This is the most important job the school district has, hiring a superintendent,” Ron Fedorchak, Board President of the MSD, said.

The candidates had to go through a selection of resumes, an interview, and a speech in front of a small group of parents, faculty, and staff in the district. From there, the school board voted who would be the best candidate for the Mehlville District. In a four to three vote, Gaines was chosen as the new superintendent of our district.

Gaines has had 14 years total of being a superintendent, with his first seven years with the Bourbon School District and is now ending his seven year run with the Wright City School District. He was also the only sitting superintendent of the three candidates during the time of the run.

Gaines will start his run in the Mehlville School District on July 1.