Dancing the Night Away

OHS’ 2014 Homecoming Became a Success


Seniors Sophie Seim and Joe Green smile to each other as they are announced the King and Queen of the “Big Top.”

The lights were out. It was 7pm, and the music was already blaring. The bass vibrated the floor, the students were fancied up, and snacks were already placed on the table. Everyone was waiting in anticipation for who was going to be named the king and queen. It was finally here: OHS’ 2014 Homecoming.

“Under the Big Top,” the theme for the 2014 Homecoming, was held on Oct. 7.

Starting at 7pm, students were allowed to put away their shoes and belongings before they danced on the Gym A floor. On the crowded dancefloor, a student could see a wide range of people there: couples dancing closely to each other, friends jumping up and down in the center, and students just talking and laughing in groups as they were having fun.

At 9pm, the stage was called to attention. Students looked at the stage, seeing the ten seniors who were chosen by their peers to appear on homecoming court. Out of the ten, Sophie Seim and Joe Green were named Homecoming Queen and King.

The night had been a success overall, as over 1,200 students had bought a ticket to the dance.