Phantom of the Opera Perfects

Walking into St. Louis’ beautiful Fox Theatre on Wednesday, March 4 on Opening Night, I knew that the  US Phantom of the Opera Tour would be the best musical I would ever see. I had no doubt; I had seen several musicals before, but I was especially excited since this was absolutely one of my favorite musicals, and I knew who two of the main cast members were. Taking my seat, I knew I was going to cry from just the joy of seeing this show live.

Despite my excitement, it exceeded my expectations.

The Phantom of the Opera is a show composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and has been on Broadway since 1986. Taking place in 1870 Paris, it is about a young woman, Christine Daae, who has been taught to sing by her seemingly imaginary “Angel of Music”. Neither her nor anyone else knows that her “angel” is the Phantom of the Opera, who haunts the opera house and spreads chaos if his demands are not met. Raoul, Christine’s childhood love and patron of the opera house, visits the opera and falls in love with Christine. The young woman then has to face a big challenge: stay with the Phantom or leave with Raoul. It is a compelling musical with a beautiful score and an emotional feel to it.

At the production I attended, Katie Travis played Christine, Storm Lineberger played Raoul, and understudy Eric Ruiz played Phantom. This combination of talent and ability was one that I would never forget, as it was close to perfect as it could get. Eric Ruiz’s acting stole the show, as it was the best acting I have seen for a Phantom. Katie Travis’ singing ability was one of the most spectacular voices I have heard, and her Act II solo, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, was easily the best song of the night, as it brought tears to my eyes as to how beautiful it was. Lastly, Storm Lineberger’s performance as my favorite portrayal of Raoul that I have seen or heard. The crew was just as amazing as the leads, and the sets were perfected with every detail in place.

I would have not asked for a better performance, as I believe that the performance was one of the best that has ever happened in Phantom’s 25 years. If anyone has the tour of Phantom coming to a city near them, I would recommend seeing it without a doubt. Whether you’re in the very front or the very back, the experience itself is absolutely amazing. If you have any sort of passion for Phantom or think about going, I would grab your tickets and spend a night at the theatre seeing one of the most spectacular performances that has ever been on tour.