ANP Lockdown

As you all should know by now, the students at OHS were not to happy with Friday’s closed ANP.

Due to the teepeeing and vandalism the night before the Powder Puff game, Mrs. Kellerman made an announcement that the pep assembly was canceled and we would have ANP back. Because of it being the end of the six week grading period, I was happy that we could travel and get help. But then we could not.

If they told us that ANP was closed on the announcement when they told us there would be no pep assembly and it would be a ‘normal B-day,’ but they never gave us a heads-up about it being closed, so we got ANP passes to get help. That was unfair to not only the students, but the teachers as well. It was the last day of the grading period, and we needed that ANP.

I understand that the vandalism was over-the-top, and I agree that our pep assembly should have been taken away. But while our pep assembly was taken away and we had ANP back, nobody knew that it was closed until that block. I believe that was unfair to the students, considering ANP is time to get academic help from our teachers and collect our makeup work.

It only hurts our academic standpoint when we have closed ANP. I do not think it is right to have that taken away from us.

Some could argue that we were not going to have ANP anyways because of the pep assembly. But when they made that announcement, that is when we could get help. I had about three ANP passes ready for that day because I did not know ANP was going to be closed. I needed help in those classes, but I could not get help because they closed the ANP.

I believe if they are to punish us because of a few students, they should give us a larger heads-up instead of waiting last minute. It is unfair to the students who work hard and who deserve the right to travel during ANP.