New school year brings new changes


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Golden Girls performing on the first day of school.

With the 2018-2019 school year kicking into gear, many new changes and goals for the year are already underway.

At the assembly on the first day of school, Principal Jan Kellerman introduced the theme of the school year: Be kind to every kind.

“I really believe that all of us need to be very aware of the things we do and say,” said Kellerman. “You may never know who you may hurt or offend by what is said in casual conversation.”

OHS cheerleaders and Golden Girls showed school spirit with their performances during the assembly. This year, the golden girls have 21 members, and the varsity and JV teams get more opportunities to perform and work together. Previously, varsity and JV performed separately, and there were only 15 members combined.

“We all perform together for football season which is new for us, but it’s more fun!” said Golden Girl captain Morgan Murphy (12).

This year, OHS has welcomed 20 new faculty members to the building. Kellerman states that she is excited for the energy the new staff brings to OHS.

“I’m really excited to be teaching in the Personal Learning Lab because it allows students to take courses that they need even when they are not available, and even have the opportunity for students to design their own course,” said new PLL (Personal Learning Lab) teacher Ms. Martin. “And I’m stoked about Friday night football!”

With many new changes already in affect, more will be coming throughout the year.