Technology: Changing OHS For Better or Worse

Over the past four years, OHS has changed dramatically with the built-up technology.

Since my freshman year four entire years ago, we have become increasingly more reliant on technology. My first year at OHS, I had textbooks in nearly every subject and students with laptops were unheard of. When we needed access to computers, we’d have to go to the library. Student emails had not yet existed, and contacting my teachers through emailing was rare.

Now, as a senior, all I have to do to see the changes is look down. My sophomore year, all of the freshman were given laptops. Now, every underclassmen has laptops, along with some seniors, too.

Only one of my classes uses a textbook, and we do not use it frequently. Now, homework can be sent over email, “google docs” and “classroom” are commonly used among teachers, and every student and teacher were given gmail accounts.

Gmail, this new way of communicating throughout the school, has worked wonders. Announcements can be given, homework and papers can be turned in with ease on google docs, and it is an easy way for students to organize all of their classes and ask teachers questions when they are absent.

However, what happens when all of this stops working?

The laptops that many classes and all of the underclassmen rely on frequently go down. The computers that the office relies on for important e-mailing, contacting teachers, and attendance goes down arguably every other day. Even the phones quit working from time to time.

OHS was better off when they relied less on technology and did more of the work on paper.

If we still had textbooks in every subject and did not need the internet for a lesson, we would encounter fewer problems. Lessons often have to be changed depending on how the computers are acting that day. Teachers have received a whole other load of anxiety due to computers that they may not even realize they have, but they do.

It is inconvenient for the students who rely on their laptops for every class because they don not know how well they will be working.

Properly functioning technology is already frustrating and time consuming as it is. The school does not need more, unless it miraculously begins working instead of becoming another inconvenience.