Celebration Day opens up to OHS

Yesterday, April 23, OHS held their second “Celebration Day” to celebrate being named a “State School of Character” and how awesome the students here are.

OHS started this day last semester to celebrate our national ranking for college readiness. This semester, we had something new to celebrate: being named a State School of Character!

The staff and administration knew they had to celebrate how awesome the kids are here at Oakville and take a step back and have some fun, so they saw Break Down St. Louis coming as an opportunity to do so.

The whole day, even with the schedule being pushed back, went smoothly.

“Students met and exceeded our expectations,” counselor Mrs. Jennifer Gross said.

The options for this semester’s celebration day included dodgeball, playing board games in the library, hanging out in the cafeteria, yard games in the commons, enjoying the weather outside with sports, and staying in ANP.

“Overall, I think students enjoyed the day in whatever activity they participated in,” Gross said.

Staff and administration are now looking to make “celebration day” an annual thing at OHS by having one each semester from this year on out.

“As long as students stay as appropriate and respectful as they have been this year, that shouldn’t be a problem!” Gross said.