Delirium will not be forgotten

The Delirium series by Lauren Oliver was a trilogy I will not be forgetting soon.

It is a dystopian, futuristic based series in which love is considered a disease, called Amor Deliria Nervosa. Like almost every other dystopian novel, the government is corrupt and some people are reluctant to give in to it.

When each citizen graduates high school, they are to get a surgery in which they are no longer capable of loving. Most are thrilled to have the surgery performed on them, for they don’t want to be infected. Others, not so much.

The heroine of the story, Lena Haloway, lives with her aunt and cousins in a small house because her mother killed herself, a result of being infected with Deliria. Lena is dead set on getting cured, until her friend Hana encourages her to go to a party with her after curfew, and Lena meets Alex, a mysterious-but cured-boy, and everything changes.

Lena sees that love is not so bad after all. Not only was everything she grew up learning a lie, but everything she was taught kept her from the greatest thing she has ever experienced: being in love. Not anymore.

The story and relationships between Lena and Alex flourishes greatly throughout the series. What exactly will Lena be willing to do to keep her forbidden love? What will Alex? What is beyond the walls? What’s the truth about Lena’s mom? Read Delirium to find out, and continue the story by reading Pandemonium and Requiem to see what happens to the corrupt future United States of America.