Freshmen provide new experience

Freshman do service learning

The freshmen at OHS participated in Service Learning projects on Wednesday, April 29.

Many of the freshmen helped out at food banks, hospice centers, as well as at Beasley and Point Elementary. Similar to the sophomores, these students were assigned groups of two to four students and were then placed in rooms within the building to help students and teachers.

At Beasley, freshman Alexis Onder helped tutor kids in their math lessons.

“It makes me feel helpful,” Onder said. “It makes me feel good and happy that I’m giving back to the community.”

At Point, students were celebrating Earth Day. There was a bird exhibit in the gymnasium that some freshmen got to see. Not only did they learn through service, but they learned more about our earth in the process.

“We attended the assembly with birds and bird facts, went to the library where we learned about the recycling process. I helped them cut paper,” Sarah Stinson said.

Katie Doerr, another OHS freshmen, helped students at Point “make paper.”

“It feels good and put a smile on my face,” Doerr said.