Oakville, Assemble!

The last assembly of the year excited the end of spirit week


Colin Moran (12), a Mr. OHS contestant, tries to collect as many balls as he can while he plays human “hungry hippos.”

The last pep assembly of the year was full of games, speeches, prom-posals and fun on Friday, April 17.

The event started with a game where students and teachers were picked through a raffle. Two freshmen, two sophomores, two juniors, two seniors, and two teachers competed by putting cotton balls on their noses with vaseline, running and dropping them in a bucket, then switching partners. The other partner had to get a slinky to stay on their forehead. The teachers, Mrs. Laura Bishop and Mr. Aaron Bosch won it all.

Following the game, spring sports were announced. Throw in a couple of random “prom-posals,” it made for an interesting and sweet assembly.

In between sports updates, juniors Katie Bauman and Sophie Nelms gave a speech together, running for Student Body President next year. The crowd was engaged when Nelms claimed Bauman “couldn’t jump,” and chanted that she jump. Nelms was right, Bauman couldn’t!

And finally, with the Mr. OHS competition being that same night and the reason for Spirit Week, the boys who were competing were introduced. From Mr. MADS to Mr. Basketball to Mr. Science National Honor Society, the contestants were diverse. They were split into four groups at random, and a human “hungry hippos” was played. Five of the boys won.

With that, the last pep assembly of the seniors’ high school career ended.

“It was a fun assembly, I’m glad my last one ended like that!” Madison Dodge (12) said.