Mr. OHS goes for gold

Brad Kreuger (12) was crowned Mr. OHS at the annual Mr. OHS competition held on Friday night, April 17.

Mr. OHS is an event run by the Leadership class in which senior boys compete against each other to be crowned. They each represent a club that they are in, and perform Formal Wear, Club Wear, and a talent to move on to two question rounds, and finally the winner is named. There is also a “Mr. Popularity,” which students who attend get to vote for, and “Mr. Tigers Fight Back”, which is awarded to the student who collects the most money for JDRF.

The competition is a fundraiser in which money was raised for JDRF in honor of Dane Vogel, an OHS graduate that died from Juvenile Diabetes.

In the first round, two boys took the stage at a time and modeled their club wear. Next, they got to show off their talent. Ranging from hip-hop dancing, to drum solos, and all the way to stand up comedy while dressed in a chicken suit, the crowd was both in awe and laughing their heads off.

Formal wear followed, where each boy wore their most nice clothes and was accompanied by an escort from the Leadership class.

From there, 15 of the boys made it to the second round.

The question round had a wide variety of odd questions and answers, where one contestant was even asked “what kitchen utensil would you be?”

The second elimination round resulted in just five boys left to answer their final question, which one would lead to them being crowned Mr. OHS. Brad Kreuger, Joseph Green, Ben Deru, Noah Antle, and Joshua Buettner remained.

However, it was Kreuger that wooed the judges with his heartfelt answers and incredible hip-hop dancing talent. Kreuger was crowned Mr. OHS.

“It felt amazing to win, just knowing I’ll be in the books along with all of the others and so many more to come,” Kreuger said. “We all put so much effort and determination into Mr. OHS that anyone could’ve won. All I can say is ‘wow’ that it’s actually me!”

Directly after, Joseph Green was crowned Mr. Popularity after his talent that stirred the hearts of the audience. Green “story told” by relating a story of a boyfriend and girlfriend to the story of his faith in Jesus and what it means to him.

Overall, the Leadership class claims it was a successful night. Almost 3,000 dollars was raised for the JDRF foundation in honor of Dane Vogel.