Tennis feels the love

Fifty-five girls join tennis for the fall season


On match day, 27 of the 55 tennis players relax in the shade.

Sharing courts with one other person can be stressful, but sharing them with 55 others can be crazy.

Over the years the OHS tennis team has grown in many ways. For the 2015 fall season, they have 55 girls on the team.

“I think this sport is growing because of the current players encouraging others to play,” Coach Bill Ebert said.

With 55 girls on the team, not every girl gets to play in every match. There are definitely benefits and downfalls of having so many girls on one team.

“I think that it’s awesome that we have so many players that are interested in tennis,” Rachel Kendrick (12) said. As for the downfalls, she mentioned, “Practices are kind of crazy and can be stressful and I think that it’s hard to actually bond as a team with so many girls.”

Coach Ebert likes having more girls because it raises the competition. Many girls get competitive because they want to be ranked higher so they can play in more matches, as the girls who are ranked lowest only play in a handful of matches a season. The girls think it is a fun sport and a great way to challenge themselves.

“It is a sport for life,” Ebert said.