Blink 182 comes back strong

Blink 182 comes back strong

Brett Flashnick

Bringing Barker Back: Drummer Travis Barker plays the drums during a Blink 182 concert. Blink 182 released their new album “Neighborhoods” on Sept. 27.

After an eight year break Blink-182 returned with a new album (Sept 27) “Neighborhoods” is their first release since 2003.

The group split in 2003 to work on separate projects. Tom DeLonge, Co-lead singer and guitarist of Blink, went on to create the band Angels and Airwaves, which had become a huge success for him. Travis Barker, the drummer, and Mark Hoppus, bass player and co-lead singer of Blink,  went off to join +44. Most people thought that Blink was gone for good. After a long wait, they came back together.

It might have worried fans when they heard a new album was to be released, due to fact that they might have changed their sound from their old pop, punk, immature songs to something completely different. This wasn’t the case with new songs like “Hearts all gone,”  “Natives” and “This is home.” These songs sound as if they could have come off their albums such as “Enema of the state.” This doesn’t mean the new album sounds exactly like their old stuff.

Instead of singing about high school breakups and just being immature, Blink did what many thought would never happen, they matured. Their lyrics and sound are now more about adult problems like “Everyone raises kids in a world that changes life to a bitter game.” Their single off the new album “Up all night” is a perfect show of their old sound being mixed with a new one. It starts off sounding unlike the Blink people loved, but as you continue listening, the guitar rift and drum beat bring you into a classic Blink sound. With the classic switch singing of Hoppus and DeLonge’s different voices, the band makes this song a great showing of new meets old.

Blink 182 won’t be going anywhere for a long time if they can continue the sounds they have produced on this album. It is a great album recommended to any Blink fan or any fan of great pop, punk music.