Nemo swims back into theatres

When Finding Nemo was released back in 2003, we were all only about 8 or 9 years old. Now, as the Oscar-winning film is re-released, this time in 3D, we are all rapidly approaching adulthood.

The film has the same heart-warming qualities as it did 9 years ago. It is still the same story of Marlin the paranoid clownfish trying to find his brave son Nemo, but it captures a whole different essence in beautiful 3D.

Nemo seems more orange, and Pixar’s take of the Great Barrier Reef is even more breathtaking than before. Darla’s a little scarier as well. The film even seemed funnier this time around, with Dory’s quirks and Crush the turtle’s surfer attitude.

You also notice more things throughout the movie. Let’s be real. When you were 8 years old, you didn’t totally understand some of the things the characters were explaining. This time around, you completely understand what the characters are trying to convey, making everything funnier.

The best thing about the film this time around along with the lovable sea creatures is the animation. With the conversion to 3D, you can see the time and effort it took Pixar to make this ocean look real. It sometimes feels real. Many people think that 3D re-releases are pointless. People will ask “I already have it on DVD, why would I pay money to go see it again?” The answer is simple, for the experience. When I went to see this movie, it brought back many childhood memories, and I appreciated it even more than I did before.