Yearbook shoots for stars


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Sierra Uko (12) and Rachel Delgado (12) announce their first shining star winners on Sept. 21.

The 2017-2018 yearbook editors in chief, Sierra Uko (12) and Rachel Delgado (12) announced the first ever “Shooting Stars” winners during first block yearbook class on Sept. 21. The recipients were Iyanna Robinson (11), Katie Voorhees (12), and Emily Merritt (10).

Yearbook staffers were given a week to submit their best emotion filled photo to be judged by Uko and Delgado. This photo challenge allowed the staff to push themselves to receive recognition and candy.

“All of the submissions were really good, it was a really tough decision,” Delgado said.

Yearbook plans to make the shooting stars competition a regular occurrence, and the next competition will begin next week with a goal to capture in-classroom candids.

“This activity gives us a chance to recognize students and celebrate their outstanding work,” yearbook advisor Mr. Jeff Kuchno said.

You can see the award winning pictures on the bulletin board outside Room 234.