Yearbook walks through their spread gallery


Rachel Delgado

Analyzing a yearbook spread on the wall, Kayleigh Tritschler (11) and David Cormack (11) point out the flaws on the page.

Students in first block yearbook spent the beginning of their class period on Oct. 26 completing a yearbook spread gallery walk.

The yearbook editors in chief, Sierra Uko (12) and Rachel Delgado (12), hung up printed copies of the yearbook spread drafts on the walls of the hallway outside Room 234. Spread partners took turns rotating to different yearbook spreads created by their classmates and writing a praise, question, and polished suggestion on a Post-It note and sticking it beside the spread.

“It was helpful because it helped everyone determine what they need to work on and fix,” yearbook staffer David Cormack (11) said.

The creators of the spreads were able to look over their comments and make edits to their spreads for the rest of class. This activity allowed the staffers to give and receive constructive criticism from their peers to help make their spreads better.

“The gallery walk is something we’ve never done before,” Delgado said. “I believe it was really helpful.”