Scrumptious slices

If you’re looking for a 4-star rated pizza joint that always satisfies, Dewey’s Pizza in St. Louis is perfect for you.

Good pizza is hard to find if you want to sit down somewhere. Take out is easy. There’s Imos, Dominos, Papa Johns and the list goes on, but what if you’re craving pizza on a night you want to go out? Dewey’s is perfect for dressing up, sitting down, and enjoying good talks while eating the best meal you could ever have.

With multiple locations, Dewey’s is the perfect place to go out with your friends for a dinner. It’s a cross between fancy and casual, with candles lighting up tables and a tv in the corner to enjoy the baseball game at the bar.

I’ve been to the Dewey’s located in Kirkwood multiple times, and it never fails to offer me great pizza, salads and service. The menu consists of 15 specialty pizzas, special seasonal pizzas, and a page to create whatever your craving if nothing else on the menu worked. They have fancy drinks for those of you above 21, and fantastic salads for the healthy bunch.

There are multiple waiters wandering around constantly asking you if you need a refill or anything else, making you wanna stay even longer. The atmosphere is great. Not too loud to where you can’t hear, and not too quiet to where you can’t speak. It is entertaining for the children there while they’re waiting for their meal, because they have a window by the kitchen so they can watch their own pizzas being made.

The options are endless and the crust is to die for, but every great place has a flaw. Dewey’s happens to be the wait. It is not the biggest restaurant out there, so I do not recommend going there at seven on a Friday night. Though it is worth it, if you’re impatient like me, you might not enjoy it as much as you could.

If you do want to enjoy their award winning pizza on a Friday night, I would recommend the Kirkwood location. It is on the corner of Downtown Kirkwood, so you can walk the pretty streets and visit other stores and dessert places while you wait. Time goes by quickly in Downtown Kirkwood!

After having Dewey’s just once, I crave it for weeks to come. I give it 5 stars, and I’ll see you there!