Robben aims for 500th win


Tara Vogler

Thomas Hutcheson (12), shown here last season against Francis Howell North, leads the OHS varsity soccer team this season with eight goals in six games.

Coach Dave Robben will be going for his 500th boys soccer win on Thursday, Sept. 12, at Oakville when the Tigers take on Marquette in their home opener. The game will begin at 6 p.m.

If the tigers win, Robben will be the seventh coach in the history of Missouri high schools to reach 500 wins for the boys. He has already reached 500 for the girls, and he will be the first in Missouri history to succeed in doing both.

The momentum is high for the soccer team.

“I feel confident that we will come out, win our home opener and get Robben’s 500th win,” Kolade Osikoya (12) said.

The team should be confident. They have had a very successful start to their season. The boys currently have an undefeated record of 5-0-1 including winning the St. Dominic tournament. They won three games, scoring nine goals, and allowing none.

“It felt good to win the tournament after getting second last year. Also, because St. Dominic was undefeated last season and the beginning of this one,” Thomas Hutcheson (12) said.

Hutcheson has been one of the team’s key players so far. He has scored 8 goals in six games and is ranked among the top ten goal scorers in St. Louis.