Lions and tigers and psychology, oh my!

Lions and tigers and psychology, oh my!

Nicole Carey (11) discusses the intro to psychology scavenger hunt with a classmate

On Monday October 14th, the Intro to Psychology and AP Psychology students took a trip to the St. Louis Zoo. This was Nick Aboussie’s third year doing it for his Intro to Psychology class, but for Susan Caton’s AP Psychology and Amy Merriott’s Intro to Psychology class, it was a first experience.

“The students loved it!” Caton said. “They wanted to go back.”

The Intro to Psychology class had to complete a packet that was a scavenger hunt. It was focused on the animals’ behavior and the habitat that they lived in. The students had to answer questions about the animal’s behavior and habitat.

“I would go back because we learned about classical conditioning and the animals,” Intro to Psychology student Madeline Barbieri (11) said. “I enjoyed it.”

The AP Psychology class had to do a psychological study of their choice, which you could include the people or animals at the zoo. The students had a packet to fill out and questions about their study.

“I thought it was a good learning experience. We applied our psychology skills while still being able to have fun,” AP Psychology student Carlos Ruiz (12) said.

Both classes came together at 11:15 for another study. The students got to watch the Sea Lion show put on by trainers, who fed the Sea Lions whenever they did the trick. Afterwards, students asked questions about the show related to the actions of the trainers and the reactions of the Sea Lions.

“I think it was a good field trip,” Merriott said. “It was academic and focused on the behaviors of animals, which is what we’re learning in class.”

Overall, the trip seemed to be quite a success. The trip will now become a yearly occurrence for Merriott and Caton, as it was very popular with the students.